PMD Group

A unique range of services is offered by the PMD Group to the electroplating and surface treatment industry. No other British company has available, in-house, such a comprehensive and in depth knowledge of the diverse requirements of the metal finishing industry. Services offered range from sub contract electroplating and powder coating to speciality chemicals production.

There are three operating subsidiaries within the PMD Group, UK based are PMD(UK) Ltd.,and Metallic Protectives Ltd. Located in India is PMD Chemicals Pvt Ltd.

PMD(UK) has two operating divisions, both based in Coventry, Precious Metal Depositors is the sub contract electroplating and surface treatment division, PMD Chemicals manufactures and supplies processes and products for use in electroplating and printed circuit board production.

Metallic Protectives located in Southam is a sub contract paint and powder coater focused on the architectural and construction industry.


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