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Paint coatings whether in pastel, strong or metallic colours have come to play an increasing role in modern buildings both for decorative and functional purposes. To achieve optimum results and the desired concept emphasis must be placed upon enhancing and maintaining the aesthetics of modern building design demanded by today's Architects.

Metallic Protectives are fully approved applicators of a range of high performance architectural coatings.The performance of these coatings are backed by long and meaningful guarantees.

We have large automatic powder coating lines capable of applying Syntha Pulvin™ or Interpon D™ polyester powder to aluminium extrusions, pressings, fabrications or galvanised steel.

We can also apply the wet coat architectural paint system known as PVF2 or PVDF. This paint system is based on a fluorocarbon resin polyvinylidene fluoride. This technology gives PVF2/PVDF paint coatings a resistance to colour change unmatched by any other architectural finish. MPL use Duranar™ PVF2 paint.

Metallic Protectives apply PVF2 as a post forming coating operation on pressed metal, extrusions, louvres and fabrications.

Details of the complete services offered are available on the MPL web site.

Metallic Protectives are approved to ISO 9002:2000

MPL are located at Units 1, 2 and 3 The Cobalt Centre, South Park, Kineton Road, Sotuham CV47 0FD. Tel: 01926 811851 , Fax: 01926 815801, e mail:

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