Start of a Vision

Richard Naylor and Eddie Marlow, the founders of the PMD Group, were working for GEC in Coventry when they foresaw that the burgeoning electronics industries would require high quality precious metal finishes.

A £3,500 prize for winning the "Be Your Own Boss" competition for enterprising businessman in 1957, sponsored jointly by the BBC and a national newspaper, gave Richard the funding to start Precious Metal Depositors.

Richard's flair for business and Eddie's technical skills were a powerful combination. The business grew rapidly, quickly winning recognition for its innovative approach and the quality of its finishing. So successful was the enterprise, it started a sister company, PMD Chemicals Ltd, to offer chemical processes to the finishing industry. Initially the company acted as a distributor for companies like Lea Ronal, Shipley and Schloetter, but for over 30 years it has been formulating and manufacturing its own technology.

It was an exciting period for the Group as the electronics industry was expanding rapidly as uses in the telecommunications, computing, and aerospace industries grew. Precious Metal Depositors was initially involved with the early British space programme providing the finish on many components including the outer skins of the satellite.

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